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The History of Labor Day

Labor Day in recent times is often thought of as marking the end of summer, and most people know that we celebrate the achievements of American workers each year on the first Monday in September. But how did it all start? How did Labor Day become a Federal holiday? Labor Read more »

How to Effectively Manage Utility Costs

Managing HVAC utility costs is certainly a widespread concern among homeowners and business owners alike; with costs on the whole rising as years pass, it becomes increasingly important to maintain manageable utility bills. Fortunately, also as years pass, new technologies, developments and methods are introduced to help with this very Read more »

The Dangers of Cross Bores: Using Technology to Prevent Disaster

A cross bore occurs when a utility line is mistakenly placed inside a pipe underground, resulting in a seriously dangerous situation. Natural gas pipes, telecommunication cables, sewer lines and other types of lines are involved, and can go undetected for months, even years. When sewer pipes have a line placed Read more »

Leave That Thermostat Alone!

It may make sense at first to shut off the air conditioner when you’re going to be away from your home for the day, or to crank your thermostat lower to cool your house faster upon your return. Unfortunately, doing these very things can actually raise your heating and cooling Read more »

Attention Washington, D.C. Area Air Conditioner Owners: R-22 and You

There is a danger lurking in air conditioning units not only in the DC area, but across the country. Fortunately, measures are in place to phase out this danger. HCFC-22, also known as R-22, is a refrigerant that contains ozone-destroying chlorine. Unfortunately, R-22 has been a common refrigerant for Maryland heating Read more »

Water Conservation Tips From Magnolia Plumbing

Magnolia Plumbing is your number one D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia source for all of your plumbing needs. We have been proudly serving families in these areas for over 50 years. That’s why we strive to save you money anyway we can; whether it be with our quality service and Read more »

The Fourth of July: Little-Known Facts about Our Declaration of Independence

You probably know that the Declaration of Independence is celebrated every year on July 4th, and that it was written by Thomas Jefferson. You might also be aware that 56 men signed it, one of which being Benjamin Franklin. Some people may recall learning that John Hancock was the first Read more »

Why Hire Only Licensed Professionals for AC Repair in Washington, DC?

Your furnace and air conditioning in Fairfax, VA are responsible for keeping you and your family comfortable and safe both during extreme weather and in more mild conditions. There are many people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments who benefit greatly from having an efficient unit running Read more »

Signs that Your Air Conditioning in Fairfax May Be Failing

Symptoms of a failing air conditioning unit can be difficult to detect without the proper tools and right amount of experience. There are several different components in an air conditioner, and any one of them malfunctioning can compromise efficient operation, leading to further damage, higher cooling bills, an increase in Read more »

Who Will Control Your Thermostat this Father’s Day?

The battle for control over the household thermostat is one that is probably more common than you may think it is, with roughly 25% of households reporting that the husband and wife routinely argue over inside temperature control. The wife may turn up the heat when the husband isn’t looking, Read more »
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