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Things to Consider when Buying a Heat Pump

Are you considering purchasing a heat pump for your home? Heat pumps can be an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. There are several types of heat pumps available, including ductless, air-source, absorption, geothermal and mini-split systems. The best time to invest in a new heat pump system for your Read more »

Check Your Water Heater Flex Lines!

Water leaks can be some of the most damaging things to happen in your home, and one of the most common places for leaks to start is the water heater. But where they come from, specifically, may surprise you! It’s not often that the body of your water heater fails Read more »

Do I Need a Water Heater Expansion Tank?

Things expand when they heat up; water is no exception. So if you have a conventional water heater, you’d better have somewhere for that water to go! In some older homes, the plumbing system is “open,” meaning any water from the water heater can backflow into the water main and Read more »

A Guide to Water Heater Anode Rods

Depending on how much you know about your water heater’s anatomy, you may have heard of the anode rod. Sometimes called the “sacrificial” anode rod, its job is to divert corrosive action away from the tank walls and to the anode rod. Since the anode rod’s job is to corrode, Read more »

Cold Shower? Read This!

Unless you’re a professional boxer who just lost the title fight, there are few things more frustrating that an unexpected cold shower in the morning! A cold shower is usually an indicator of a faulty water heater. Water heaters should be properly maintained throughout the year, before a major breakdown Read more »