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Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Proudly Serves the Plumbing and HVAC Needs of Bethesda, MD.

Any plumbing system encounters the occasional issue, from a clog to a small leak to a burst pipe. No matter what type of plumbing problems you are dealing with in your home in the Bethesda, MD area, the people at Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help. In fact, we offer a number of home services, including heating and air conditioning repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement. Trust the experts on our team the next time you need a plumbing job completed thoroughly and quickly, or if your home comfort is in jeopardy.

We know you’ll choose us for future services once you see the quality of work that we do. Call us today!

Do You Require Professional Plumbing Services?

If you have a major plumbing issue, you don’t have much time to wait. The professional plumbers on our team are here 24/7 to make emergency plumbing repairs, or you can call us when you’d like to make an appointment for future services. A member of our team can come to your home at your convenience to repair any plumbing issue, or we can install a new plumbing fixture, replace an aging one, or perform the services that keep your plumbing system maintained.

We Service and Install Garbage Disposals

If you are missing this vital feature from your kitchen sink, you should call us for installation as soon as possible. Garbage disposals help to protect your plumbing system, and they really improve your experience preparing meals or cleaning up in the kitchen. We also service garbage disposals that have broken down.

We Service and Install Water Softeners

While hard water affects the majority of plumbing systems in the U.S., it doesn’t have to be a problem for yours. When you call the experts at Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we can assess your water supply and make sure that the water softener you choose is the right size for your plumbing system.

Does Your Drain or Sewer Need Professional Attention?

If your drain and sewer system isn’t running smoothly, it’s probably not something you want to deal with on your own. Thankfully, the plumbers on our team can handle it so that you don’t have to manage any inconvenience due to clogging, leaks, or foul odors. Call one of our plumbers for drain and sewer services in the Bethesda, MD area and we will make it out to your home as soon as we can.

We Offer Septic Tank Services

Would you want to try to handle a septic tank issue on your own? Most homeowners don’t have the right level of experience for this type of job, nor is it the ideal task for a do–it–yourselfer to take on in the first place. If you suspect any issue at all with your septic tank, or if you want to schedule a routine maintenance visit, get in touch with us today.

Are You Looking For Water Heater Services?

If you need a new water heater, you should let professionals handle the installation process. This will ensure that everything is secure and efficient and that the unit is the proper size for your home. However, we will ask for your input every step of the way, address your concerns, and discuss any potential issues because we want you to be completely satisfied with the work we do. We can also return for any repairs or maintenance you may need (whether or not we installed the unit).

We Service and Install Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is the ideal choice for homeowners with very little space for a large storage tank or those who want to save more money over the year. Although it is much smaller than a conventional tank, a tankless water heater is not any easier to repair or install. Instead, give us a call so we can do it right the first time.

We Provide Comprehensive Heating System Services

Our heating services have helped several homeowners around the Bethesda, MD area to stay warm and cozy on those coldest of winter nights. If you are looking for a new heater, check out our selection and allow our professionals to complete the installation. If your heating system struggles to operate, you can count on us to get there quickly to make repairs. Or, schedule regular maintenance with our team so that the system runs into fewer problems over time. Just give us a call today!

We Service and Install Gas and Electric Furnaces

The majority of homes in this country rely on a furnace for heating. If you are one of these homeowners, call us for any services the system requires through the years. Or call us for new installation, even if you don’t have a gas line in your home. We have gas and electric furnaces for installation or replacement; call us today!

Do You Require Expert AC Services?

Keep your cool all summer long with our expert AC services. We install high–efficiency AC equipment and we can also provide comprehensive services to keep your unit going. This means that you can get an air conditioning maintenance visit and then call us if the system should require any repair. From the initial installation to the next replacement system we install, your AC is in good hands with our skilled technicians.

We Offer Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you notice coughing and sneezing from your family members, it’s a good time to consider talking to one of our experts about the indoor air quality solutions we can offer for your home. We can make the air in your home a little cleaner by installing a whole–home air purification system to get rid of the contaminants in your air or cleaning out your air ducts. We also offer carbon monoxide testing, humidifier and dehumidifier installation and service, duct sealing and testing, and much more.

We Service and Install Humidifier and Dehumidifier Systems

Humidity levels have an impact on comfort. When it is too humid outside (meaning that there is a lot of moisture in the air), people often feel hot and "sticky" since sweat has trouble evaporating from the skin. When the air is too dry, you’re likely to have dry skin and potential sinus issues. A whole–home dehumidifier or humidifier could be just what you need to solve the problem.

We Provide Expert Air Purification Services

There could be a variety of contaminants lurking in your air, including dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other unsafe particles and microorganisms. You deserve to breathe in clean air each and every day, and we would love to help you make that happen. Call and ask about out air purification services today.