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Repairs and Installations for Homes in Washington, DC

Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most plumbed areas of the home. It’s where meals of all types get prepared, where family and guests gather to discuss the day’s events, and where you run several major appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, and garbage disposal unit. But all of that functionality stems from a plumbing system in decent working order. We can make sure that your kitchen has everything it needs, including the installation of new supply and wastewater piping, garbage disposal units, and appliance hook-ups.
Our plumbers are also adept at handling any kitchen plumbing repair services that you might need to take care of — from a leaky sink or faucet, clogged trap, or anything else that’s preventing you from working in the kitchen. We offer:

If you’re having problems with your kitchen plumbing or you need new plumbing installed, give us a call today! 

Kitchen Appliance Repair

What does your kitchen need? Because of its importance when it comes to cooking and cleaning, you rely on your kitchen every day — whether you realize it or not. There are plenty of products and materials that make up your kitchen, and we can make sure that your new kitchen plumbing products are installed correctly for years of reliable and efficient service.

For example, if you’re renovating your kitchen or having it built from scratch, investing in an appropriately sized and well-built kitchen sink is an absolute must — including the proper plumbing. It should match the décor and layout of the kitchen, while also ensuring an appropriately-sized working space. We can help you make a decision about what type would work best for you. Moreover, we offer high-quality garbage disposal units, as well as the various supply and wastewater piping that every homeowner needs in their kitchen.

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Kitchen Plumbing Problems

As a leading plumbing service provider in the Washington, DC, area, we specialize in a wide range of materials and equipment, and we’re available day or night to address any issues that you’re having. Contact our friendly team members today for exceptional kitchen plumbing installation, repair, and replacement services.

Just as it’s important to ensure that your kitchen plumbing is installed correctly the first time, it’s equally important that your plumbing problems be taken care of by a trained professional. From faucet and sink repair to garbage disposal problems, you want the peace of mind that an expert handled these issues properly. We understand there is plenty that can go wrong with your kitchen plumbing; the sooner that you spot the issue, the sooner we can fix it. Keep an eye out for a lack of water pressure, discolored spots on walls and within cabinets that could indicate a water leak, as well as clogs, leaking appliances, and others. If anything in your kitchen seems like it’s not functioning correctly, let us know!

How to Prevent Plumbing Problems in the Kitchen

The best way to ensure that your kitchen plumbing is in great working order and that it’s reliable is to have it thoroughly maintained from time to time. We can make sure that your entire kitchen’s plumbing system — sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and more — is inspected, cleaned, and tuned–up, either as part of a general plumbing maintenance service for your entire home, or whenever you think something may not be functional.

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