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Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Proudly Serves the Plumbing and HVAC Needs of Springfield, VA.

When you think of the acronym "HVAC," do you think of AC installation? Heater replacement? Repair work? And how about plumbing? Do you think of an entire system installation or that annoying drip from your shower? We ask for one simple reason: we handle it all, and we can do this work for your business, your home or both. You may have worries about having a mess to clean up after a service or installation call, but this is not the case with us. Our experts show up to your home or business in a clean uniform, place protective booties over their shoes, perform the work and leave your property clean. You can also rest assured that all work will be done correctly the first time around because we guarantee it. It may be tempting to work on your own plumbing, heating or cooling, but this is not advised unless you are a trained expert. Instead, let us handle your HVAC and plumbing needs.

The experts at Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are here to help with all of your plumbing and HVAC needs!

Do You Require Plumbing Services?

Poor installation and service are two of the main reasons property owners have issues with their plumbing. Poor work in any part of your plumbing can cause systemic issues that will plague your system – but not when you hire Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for all of your residential plumbing needs. With over 50 years of experience and access to the latest tools, education and technology, our experts bring with them all that is needed to ensure quality work from start to finish. Whether you need repair, new plumbing installation (including fixtures), replacement of aging, corroded or damaged piping or annual maintenance, we are the ones you can count on.

We Service and Install Garbage Disposals

Have you wanted to install a garbage disposal in your property in Springfield, VA? Call us for help! We can help you choose and install a new garbage disposal or replace one that has hit retirement. Is your garbage disposal broken or working poorly? Let our experts handle all of your repair and maintenance needs.

We Offer Drain and Sewer/Septic Services

There are two sides to your plumbing system: the supply side that carries in your potable water, and the return side, that removes all the wastewater from your home. Without properly working drains and sewer/septic lines, the return side of your plumbing system will be compromised. We can help with all of your drain and sewer/septic issues, and have emergency service available should you need it.

Are You Looking for Water Heater Services?

Unless you plan to live next to a hot spring or boil water every time you need hot water, you need a reliable hot water heater on your property. Our trained and certified experts can help you maintain and repair your existing hot water heater or install/replace a new one for your home. We work with a wide range of water heater types, including tank and tankless units, and our pros can help you size your hot water heater so you have all the hot water you need. Just call us today and our helpful staff will schedule you an appointment with one of our experts.

We Service and Install Tankless Water Heaters

It may be surprising, based on their smaller size, to find out that tankless hot water heaters are quite complex. This means that only a trained expert should install, repair, replace or maintain your tankless unit. Our plumbing professionals offer these comprehensive services and all of our work is guaranteed.

We Provide Comprehensive Heating System Services

When you live in an area where the weather can swing from bitter cold to sweltering hot, it’s critical to have trained experts on your side for all of your heating and cooling needs. We specialize in comprehensive heating services throughout this community and beyond. We install and service furnaces, heat pumps and we also offer humidifiers. Call now.

We Service and Install Gas and Electric Furnaces

It doesn’t matter whether your furnace is gas or electric; what does matter is that a trained professional be the person to work on your system. Why? Allowing someone inexpert to handle your central heating source is risky, and you don’t want to take risks with your heater. When you call Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for help with your furnace, be it installation/replacement, repair or maintenance, you can rest assured that you are calling trained and certified experts with years of experience.

Do You Require Expert AC Services?

When it comes to your home or business’s air conditioning system, make ours the number you call. Our experts work on a wide range of system types and are available whenever you need us – we’ll even bring a portable AC to keep your living spaces as comfortable as possible while we work on your system. We offer comprehensive air conditioning services that include installation, repair, replacement or maintenance. This includes things like calculating cooling loads for a new or replacement system, checking refrigerant levels during a maintenance appointment and making sure your AC is producing the cool air you need before departing from a repair appointment.

We Install Whole Home Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless AC, heat pumps, traditional split systems – we do it all, and our AC specialists will make sure yours is perfectly sized and installed correctly. Don’t let our intense summer heat get to you. Call us today and schedule an appointment for AC installation for your home in Springfield, VA!

We Offer Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Purified air, filtered air, dehumidified air – we can help you with all of it. Having clean, healthy, fresh air is critical to your indoor comfort, and we have the products, experts and services to help you achieve all of your indoor air quality goals in Springfield, VA.

We Service and Install Humidifier and Dehumidifier Systems

Whether your indoor air is too sticky or too dry, you will deal with the same issue: indoor discomfort. The good news is that our indoor air quality experts can help with the installation, repair, replacement or maintenance of a whole home humidifier or dehumidifier – just give us a call!